Fatz Food

17 rolls.  I repeat, SEVENTEEN ROLLS.  That’s how many Justine, Eric and I ordered and consumed at Sushi Kingdom.  Never in my life have I ever ordered that many rolls of sushi.  Sushi Kingdom offers a fixed price for the all you can eat sushi as well as salads, miso soup and edamame to name a few things.  We were given sheets of paper with a pen and then had to mark off how many of each roll we wanted.  We also had the option of picking sashimi, but we knew we wanted sushi.  We wanted sushi bad.  Since this place isn’t located in Philly, but actually near my hometown some 20 minutes away, we had to plan this trip a week or so in advance.

I honestly don’t even know what rolls we ordered.  However, our favorite was the Godzilla Roll.  It contains spicy tuna and avocado.  The whole…

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