Who'd Have Thought?

Who would have thought you could make a career being a ‘paper engineer’?

Well Sydney designer Benja Harney is doing just that. His paper pieces – which range from large sculptures to delicate miniature pop-up books – are indeed works of art that only someone with a steady hand and, I assume, a lot of patience could spend their days making.

I happened upon his ‘blush’ of paper flamingos while flicking through a Vogue magazine while waiting at the dentists the other day (and made my lovely dentist wait while I quickly scribbled down Benja’s name!). He made these for an exhibition called Animal Noun Collective at Sydney’s Gaffa Gallery.

Benja Harney Paper Flamingos

When I got home I checked out his other work and it is clear he is super talented.

This is what he did for the David Jones 2012 Christmas Catalogue

Benja Harney Christmas Wreath for David Jones 2012 Christmas Catalogue

And this for the Kylie Minogue book: The Goddess…

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