Design Projects

Final Major Project – Double waste disposal bin 

The Odourless Bin

2014-06-27 14.16.19 2014-06-27 14.14.47 2014-06-27 14.13.53 Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 08.15.25

This bin that I designed has two compartments one for your waste as this is needed when in the kitchen. There have been many issues and negative feelings towards bins and I wanted to change this with my concept. It is a bin which kills all doors and bacteria and dirt and liquids can not stick onto the bin meaning it resolves this issue and becomes more hygienic.

Final bin presentation FMP

Retail Folding Product

This was a project which I had to create my own brief in the final (3rd year) of university. In the retail industry they are looking for a better solution to replenish and tidy the shop floor in a good standard as well as doing it fast. Customer service is the main reason to being successful in the retail industry.

For this project, I looked into the retail working world and find a solution for a easier and better way of working by introducing a product which would help them with their tasks.

After many designs and development I came up with a handheld product which the retail staff members can wear, this product will allow retail staff to fold clothes faster and efficiently without the use of tables.product in shop

2013-12-08 17.55.362013-12-08 17.53.27RETAIL FOLDING PRODUCT

Non permanent fixtures – Table

This was my final project from my 2nd year  of university, I had to create a concept which would use the process of Metal Sand Casting. The process could be used on part of my concept or the whole thing, I chose to create a fixture which would be sand cast. I created a concept which the sand cast piece would benefit the table from the properties the metal has, in this case I used the weight of the metal to help hold the table together along with the shape of it. This allowed the table to be fixed all together but can be separated for easy storage and easy to move around.

Sand cast table presentation

Eco Packaging Concept

Made this in University for my project which we needed to create an Eco product. I wanted to use the material coconut for the packaging for coconut juice. I wanted to do this so instead of just using the juice from the coconut you will also use the waste materials (coconut flesh and fibers etc.) as the packaging. This is one of my prototypes which I created a cup mould in plaster and then mixed resin and coconut flesh (pulp) into the mould. I was told this probably won’t work as the plaster isn’t flexible and is porous and I was meant to do it in silicone, Haha I proved them wrong cause it works. yay! BTW this is not finished product. finish product I will post up soon =]

plaster mould My cup mould

Below is a presentation of my final product I designed and produced out of coconut. This is in relation to the images above.
Coconut bottle presentation 2


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