Other work

Printed Brochures & magazine ads

Whilst working at Ki Europe as a Graphic Designer I have updated and created brochures, magazine ads, booklets, specification guides, signage, event material, gif images, banners, exhibition backgrounds, tender documents, presentations, templates, editable PDFs such as forms, logos, labels and marketing merchandise. The programmes that I used to create these were InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Powerpoint, Word and Excel. I also updated the company website with new specification guides, new images and new case studies. Below are a few examples of the work I produced.

Love your workspace booklet

Booklet explaining the research on the different personalities in a workplace and how each personality works and to understand what there needs are to enable a happy, healthy, high performing work enviroments.



OnOffice ad.jpg

Loveyourworkplace Advert for OnOffice ad magazine 

Magazine ad I created for Ki Europe to advertise loveyourworkplace. This was created on Indesign using all the specifications received by OnOffice’s magazine. Images where edited to fit perfectly onto the magazine and to be the best possible print quality.

OnOffice ad.jpg

OnOffice ad.jpg

OnOffice ad.jpg

OnOffice ad.jpg

OnOffice ad

City of Glasgow College advert for University Business magazine

This was also created on Indesign using all the specifications from University Business magazine. This was the latest case study KI Europe did with City of Glasgow College, we took photos of the new installation shots of KI educational chairs. I resized, edited the photos to fit into a one pager print ready ad.

university business ad.jpg

university business ad.jpguniversity business ad.jpguniversity business ad.jpg

university business ad.jpg

university business ad

university business ad.jpg

Education Show 2016 in Birmingham

I have given specifications to create the back wall artwork which would represent KI Europe Education furniture. The whole idea of the design was to promote KI’s Postura+ Classroom chairs which they have been success selling for the past 20 years. The background lists all the schools which have purchased the Postura+ chairs in the past few years to express that Postura+ chairs are basically in all educational environments. To create this I used the programmes Illustrator and InDesign to create high resolution print quality artwork for KI’s exhibition stand.

education show artwork.jpg

Further Examples of KI Brochures I Produced







Marketing artwork – Banners & Branding Merchandise and web ads



Tesco Home Catalogue Displays 

These are a few Packaging display units which I designed to represent the catalogue as much as possible by using the magazine context and colours. The Magazine had a very seaside feel to it so I tried to show this in some of my designs.

Tesco home Display concept 1 Tesco Home Display Concept 2 Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 16.05.53

Impulse Body Spray Display for Superdrug stores

I’m doing a work placement with a Packaging company and I was told to create a few designs for the Display for the new Impulse body spray. If my design gets picks by the Client, then my design will be put into superdrug stores.
Impulse body spray display

This was for an international competition for a packaging company and this is the design which I produced.

This was for an international competition for a packaging company and this is the design which I produced.

British Airways Animation

This was a college project which I had to create an animation for the British Airways adverts. I started off with a storyboard and created the animation on Cinema 4d, first creating the 3d models (planes,letters, etc.) and then dividing the animations in frames in which I record each frame for the movement. Unfortunately, the background did not render out properly but on my portfolio section you can see the background of this animation.

Thorpe park Heater animation

This animation was done on my final year at college for final project. For this project I had to found a area of thorpe park I would like to  design for. I went around thorpe park and noticed many people complain that the heater didn’t dry them up properly. I then thought maybe I could redesign a new heater for the water rides so I looked at the problems and solved it. This is an animation of my final design which was created on Cinema 4D

Cell rendered version of above animation

My Room Animation

This animation was made back in college, this animation is based on my room which I created each 3D model and placed it in areas to create a room. This animation was also done on Cinema 4D.

Mudeford/Kingston Project

Below are just a few photographic work and photoshop editing I did whilst I was back at college and thought it would be good to put this on my blog as I haven’t really shown much of this side of photography and editing.

mudeford research kingston cube edited kingston cube mudeford cube edited mudeford cube


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